Join The Pioneers of Equine NeuroScience

West Taylor & Dr. Steve Peters

Layton Utah

February 21-22

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Finally, Science Brings An Easier Way For The Horse. And Riders.

In this two-day seminar, Dr. Peters and West walk you through the brain chemistry and neuroscience of horse training so you can discover how these chemicals fundamentally affect your horse on a minute by minute basis!

No other natural horsemanship method even comes close to helping you understand what is LITERALLY happening inside their mind!

Once you understand the science, everything else falls into place, making your training experience and your long term learning and relationship with your horse easier and infinitely more rewarding.

Finally, you will know how to help your horse get what they really WANT and NEED from you. More than that, your horse will understand what you are asking of them and be happy to give it to you – because it feels good to them!

Imagineno more arguing with your horse.

Imagine – having a horse that is soft and responsive, as a real partner should be.

Imagine – not having to make excuses and being able to really relax and enjoy the ride for a change.

Now imagine your horse feeling the same way about you!


Unlock Hidden Secrets Of NeuroScience

This seminar event is designed to demonstrate how both the human brain and the equine brain function and LEARN.

Each day will begin with a classroom presentation by Dr. Peters with added commentary from legendary wild horse trainer West Taylor, where the latest scientific discoveries will help you learn how to be a better horseman – scientifically proven.

They will be discussing how the brain functions under stressful situations in the sympathetic nervous system and how the brain functions and learns in the parasympathetic nervous system. Best of all – you will learn exactly how to tell what your horse’s chemical state of mind is at any moment – no more guessing – and no whispering, ever.

Each day after lunch we will all meet in the indoor arena for an insightful look into the horse as West will demonstrate the equine brain functionality in real time during his round pen demonstration with a BLM Mustang! This way, you can see practical application of the neuroscience and ask questions for clarity on specific trouble spots to help you get maximum benefit for your horse.

See What Other Students Think

  • West is very personable and engaging, very easy to learn from. As I said to him yesterday, he helped discover the trigger that allowed me to WANT to push past My boundaries and fears to do that for my horses. His teaching is science based more than training based but the results that were accomplished were training!!!! Thank you West for showing me, in very short time, the possibilities that I and my horses can achieve.

    Nikiz Colorz
  • Just finished some classes with West Taylor. I can't say enough about him. Very knowledgeable, good insight, and fun. Well worth my time. He is an excellent teacher and trainer! Highly recommend!!

    Shawn Saunders
  • What an amazing 2 days we had!! I was terrified of my horse. My legs would shake when I would get on him. West got me over my fears. He helped me to trust my horse and feel confident in him. I did things on my horse I never thought would be possible. I'm so excited about all the things he taught us. I would suggest his training program to anyone!!! It was an amazing experience and I can ride again!! Thank you West!!!

    Rachel Worlton

Groups Get Instant Savings!

Use Coupon Code At Checkout

Groups of 2-5 Save 5%: LAYTON5

Groups of 6 + Save 10%: LAYTON1o

Join Us At The Beautiful

Arrowhead Equine Center

Comfortable Meeting Room And Heated Indoor Arena

Morning sessions will be held in the meeting room, where Dr. Peters will be using the full multi-media presentation to teach you the wonders of neurochemistry to help you understand your horse on a nano-chemical level. Dr. Peter’s has a unique way of explaining high tech science and cutting edge findings in terms and ways you will find comfortable and familiar.

Afternoon sessions will be held in the heated Indoor Arena, where West will be demonstrating the Morning Science Lessons with real life applications and training scenarios with wild mustangs!  It simply doesn’t get any more raw, pure and simply concentrated than in the mind of a wild mustang.

What Will You Discover?

MultiMedia Classroom

Each day will begin with a classroom multi media presentation by Dr. Peters with added commentary from West.

Brain Dissection on Day 2

Day two in the classroom section we will be dissecting an equine brain! This is a deeply moving, and very impactful personal experience for the entire class!

Science That Works With EVERY Breed Of Horse

No matter what you do with your horse, or what breed of horse you have – their brains all work exactly the same.

This is what is so extremely powerful about this natural horse training system – it works with the organic brain chemistry that has been developed in the horse over the millennia of natural selection, producing one of the purest, most successful species in all of history.

With this one-of-a kind, hands-on learning seminar taught by the leading practitioners of this mind blowing method, you finally have an opportunity to “crack the code” and challenge historical half-truths, equine mysticism and plain old hocus pocus so prevalent in the horse community!

Groups Get Instant Savings!

Use Coupon Code At Checkout

Groups of 2-5 Save 5%: LAYTON5

Groups of 6 + Save 10%: LAYTON1o

Who Is Dr. Stephen Peters?

Dr. Stephen Peters, Psy.D., ABN, Diplomate in Neuropsychology and currently the Director of Intermountain Health Care’s Center for Brain Health.

For the past 7 years he has also served as the Director of American Fork Memory Clinic. Dr. Peters is a board certified Neuropsychologist and spent 15 years in a large Neurology practice in Connecticut before founding the Memory Clinic and Clinic for Brain Health at Utah Valley Hospital. He did his Internship at Danbury Hospital and residency and two year Post Doctoral Fellowship at Hartford Hospital in the Departments of Neurorehabilitation, Neurology and Neurosurgery..

He is a neuroscientist specializing in brain functioning. As a horse brain researcher, he has given numerous presentations in the U.S. and Canada, performed many horse brain dissections, and is the co-author with Martin Black of Evidence-Based Horsemanship. He also collaborates with BHPS director, Maddy Butcher, on HorseHead: Brain Science to Improve Your Horsemanship.

His presentation will focus on relevant equine brain science including the importance of neurochemistry especially the dopamine system in reward and learning.

Who Is West Taylor?

For the past decade, West has been following his passion as a seasoned Wild Mustang Trainer, using and perfecting science-based training methods which work with the horse’s natural brain chemistry to affect positive behavior changes regardless of horse breed.

Because of the powerful affect of the science and brain chemistry, he routinely takes wild, just off the BLM range, Mustangs, and in a matter of a few minutes or hours – NOT Days or Weeks – has their minds working with him, so together they can accomplish seemingly magical results!

Over the years, West has been involved in:

Compete in Mustang Makeover Competition –been there already.

Rim To Rim ride the Grand Canyon – did it.

Cross narrow hiking bridges at the bottom of the Grand Canyon – crazy, but true.

Participate in the award winning films about Mustangs – absolutely.

Help veterans with PTSD overcome challenges through relationship based horse training – totally.

Be a great Dad and Mentor – you betcha.

This experience gives him the insight into the rawest form of the equine brain, one that has had NO influence by man. These raw and real wild horses have proven to be the most advanced teachers any horse trainer would appreciate.

West has spent the past 5 years collaborating with Dr. Peters to correctly interpret and apply horsemanship from a scientific brain operating system approach.

During each of the two days, Mr. Taylor will be doing a live demonstration with a horse showcasing the scientific teaching and learning model of the equine brain with additional commentary from Dr. Peters.


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Groups Get Instant Savings!

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Groups of 2-5 Save 5%: LAYTON5

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