Finally, science brings an easier way for the horse.

West Taylor’s

Science Based Horsemanship

An Ongoing DIY Course For You & Your Horse

West Taylor mustang trainer

In this ground breaking online training course, West walks you through the brain chemistry and neuroscience of horse training so you can discover how these chemicals fundamentally affect your horse on a minute by minute basis!

No other natural horsemanship training course even comes close to helping you understand exactly what is happening inside their mind!

Once you understand the science, everything else falls into place, making your training experience and your long term learning and relationship with your horse easier and more rewarding.

Finally, you will know how to help your horse get what they really WANT and NEED from you. More than that, your horse will understand what you are asking of them and be happy to give it to you – because it feels good.

Imagineno more arguing with your horse. Imagine – having a horse that is soft and responsive, as a real partner should be. Imagine – not having to make excuses and being able to really relax and enjoy the ride for a change.

Now imagine your horse feeling the same way about you!

Who Is West Taylor?

For the past decade, West has been following his passion as a seasoned Wild Mustang Trainer, using and perfecting science-based training methods which work with the horse’s natural brain chemistry to affect positive behavior changes.

In this way, he routinely takes wild, just off the BLM range, Mustangs and in a matter of a few weeks has them prepared to do literally – ANYTHING.

Over the years, West has been involved in:

Compete in Mustang Makeover Competition –been there already.

Rim To Rim ride the Grand Canyon – did it.

Cross narrow hiking bridges at the bottom of the Grand Canyon – crazy, but true.

Participate in the award winning films about Mustangs – absolutely.

Help veterans with PTSD overcome challenges through relationship based horse training – totally.

Be a great Dad and Mentor – you betcha.


Join West today and learn how to ReStart your entire thinking on horse training – and start using the power of science to really understand horses, leading you to a brand new excitement about the possibilities that you and your horse can achieve together.

Here’s What You Get

Documented Neuroscience

West explains, in depth, the neurochemicals that affect your horses behavior – and how to teach them to look for the safe answer you want them to find

Exclusive Training

You get an All-Access Pass into West’s training regimen which has NEVER been offered anywhere before – learn the exact process you need to use to get the job done faster and easier than you thought possible

Over 30 Videos

Get dozens of hours of exclusive, friendly and detailed video lessons where West uses his easy style to explain and walk you through all the science-based steps to success

Easy To Follow

A simple training plan that builds on itself for maximum learning in the shortest amount of time possible – to get you the success both you and your horse crave and deserve

Learn Anywhere

Mobile friendly pages so you can watch the video lessons anywhere  – even at the barn while you are learning and teaching your horse the lessons

Private Facebook Group

Exclusive access to a private Facebook group to get additional help and feedback from West and your fellow peers, not to mention just have fun!

More Courses Coming Soon

We will be constantly adding new materials so you can have access to the latest and greatest scientific breakthroughs that West is discovering every day, working with wild mustangs and other horses.

Discounts + More

When you subscribe you will get access to exclusive content not available anywhere else, emails, articles, videos and more! So stay tuned.

Science That Works

With EVERY Breed Of Horse

No matter what you do with your horse, or what breed of horse you have – their brains all work exactly the same. This is what is so extremely powerful about this natural horse training system – it works with the organic brain chemistry that has been perfected in the horse over the millennia.

You finally have an opportunity to “crack the code” and be a horse whisperer with this one-of-a kind online learning course.

Begin your exciting journey by ReStarting You and Your horse for a Science Based foundation. Get your instant access right away.

What Does The Subscription Look Like?

Online Learning has come a long way.

We took the latest in online learning technology and applied it to horse training to teach you, in a proven, systematic lesson plan, the science-based methods West uses on Wild Mustangs and his client’s horses to get staggering results in stunningly short amounts of time.

Simply follow along the lesson plan, watch the videos and then go out and work with your horse using a brand new way to look at horse training.

You will discover a level of patience that you didn’t know you had – once you understand what your horse’s brain is capable of doing – and more than that, what their brain IS NOT capable of doing.

You will discover a new level of ease of training and responsiveness from your horse – when you start engaging with them on a level you didn’t know existed, until now.

With online training, it is easier than ever to learn remotely, even from your own round pen, riding arena or sitting by a fireplace or pool somewhere.

You can learn at your pace –reviewing the lessons again and again – so you are assured you can help your horse learn exactly what is needed to progress in a smooth, easy manner.

Best yet, with online training and the support from other students through the forums and private Facebook group, you will learn even more, just by making friends and sharing valuable stories as you develop deep friendships the world over.

Slow Down Faster To Get Done Quicker

While some trainers have been perfecting their “stage presence”over the years, West has been perfecting the science of “horse sense” and learning to understand horses on a level rarely encountered.

He’d rather focus on the science and help more people and horses get what they want – a safe, fun experience that builds trust and relationships that last lifetimes. With his easy going demeanor, he teaches the way a friend would explain a complex subject – carefully crafting ways you can understand and immediately grasp the ideas and reasoning for the training session.

With this understanding, and the rock-solid neuro science behind it, West has uncovered the secrets to training horses in a natural, simple way that just gets results faster.

Like everything.. there is a hard way… and a easier way.

The choice is yours.

Get An Easier & Safer Way To Train Your Horse!

Science-Based Horsemanship

Just $25 / month

  • High Value, Super Simple Subscription
  • Get Instant Access To All Lesson Videos
  • New Content Added Monthly
  • Easy To Follow Lesson Plans for Sequential Learning
  • Jump Right Into Specific Problem Areas To Get Instant Results
  • Proven Training Methods Work On Every Breed of Horse

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