Science Based Horsemanship Colt Starting 5 day intensive Workshop June 7-12 2019


June 7-12 2019

Wild West Mustang Ranch in Fremont Utah 84747

Attendees will receive the same info that is taught in our popular Science Based Horsemanship Seminars, PLUS so so so much MORE!!

Lodging and food NOT included. You are welcome to bring your own camping gear, tents trailers or whatever and camp at the Ranch.

We have showers and restrooms onsite. BBQ, Camp Chef, Trager and a fridge are available for your use.

Evening campfire stories and highlights along with viewing more stars than you have probably ever seen before is a favorite time here at the Ranch!!

  • Horse Brains & Human Brains, how are they different?
  • Horse and Human nervous systems. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
  • Neurochemicals: Dopamine, Serotonin, Cortisol, Adrenaline
  • Recognizing the neurochemicals and body language of your horse.
  • How to influence the brain chemistry of your horse.
  • Can we make our horses smarter by influencing their brain chemistry?
  • How to recognize when too much is too much and not enough is not enough!
  • Everything you need to know to take your new Colt from untouched to the 5th Ride.
  • Brain work and Ground work
  • Catching and Haltering
  • Knowing what is happening scientifically, chemically and emotionally to you and your colt during each step of the 5 day workshop
  • Laying your horse down, the how to’s….Why’s…..do’s and don’ts!
  • First 5 rides, in the round pen, open country and on trails.

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Join West at Wild West Mustang Ranch in Fremont Utah  for the 5 day Science Based Horsemanship Professionals only Colt Starting workshop.


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