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What’s In Each Episode?

New Episodes Weekly

Every week, a new episode in the DocuSeries will be uploaded to keep fresh video content featuring West’s science based training methods

Action Oriented Solutions

Immediately actionable, science based lessons to help you overcome common horse behavioral challenges

Experience Science First-Hand

Understand the horse’s neurochemistry and how these “drugs” affect your horse’s behavior second by second

Learn Anywhere

Mobile friendly lessons, so you can learn on the go or at the barn or arena with your horse.

Who Is West Taylor?

For the past decade, West has been following his passion as a seasoned Wild Mustang Trainer, using and perfecting science-based training methods which work with the horse’s natural brain chemistry to affect positive behavior changes.

In this way, he routinely takes wild, just off the BLM range, Mustangs and in a matter of a few weeks has them prepared to do literally – ANYTHING.

Over the years, West has been involved in:

Compete in Mustang Makeover Competition –been there already.

Rim To Rim ride the Grand Canyon – did it.

Cross narrow hiking bridges at the bottom of the Grand Canyon – crazy, but true.

Participate in the award winning films about Mustangs – absolutely.

Help veterans with PTSD overcome challenges through relationship based horse training – totally.

Be a great Dad and Mentor – you betcha.


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